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Shandong Huashengda CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is an intelligent complete equipment supplier that emerged in the wave of industry 4.0. It operates in groups, has a complete industrial chain and has an international perspective.
Huashengda is also new and old. New. New in the establishment of a short time, new in the attention to the latest technology, new in appearance, new in products; The old and the old are in the team. They have a professional team engaged in the research and development of complete sets of sheet metal equipment for electric power. They have the richest processing technology and product design experience in the industry.
Huashengda has the most perfect service system, the network covers the whole country, and has a highly efficient and high-quality technical service team trained strictly. It can provide customers with comprehensive value - added, professional, efficient and timely pre - sale, in - sale, after-sale service and support.

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